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Medical Weight Loss in St. Louis

If you want to shed weight permanently and feel fit and energetic then the weight loss programs at Medically Supervised Weight Loss in St. Louis, Illinois, are exactly what you have been waiting for.  We pride ourselves on over 25 years of experience helping patients lose weight.  A staggering 90 percent of the patients we've helped have successfully maintained their weight loss.  Our medical weight loss programs work as we take all of your medical and physical history into consideration when devising your personal weight loss plan.

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Our Plan for Medical Weight Loss

Our clinic doesn’t just have one weight loss plan, we have several. We have the Fast Track Program in which you receive HCG medically prescribed injectionseach day, the injection is of a hormone produced during pregnancy which can generate rapid yet long-lasting weight loss.  The Lifestyle Change Program gives you appetite suppressing medications along with Lipo injections, which can also have a positive impact on things like heart disease and diabetes.  We can also provide things such as CVR which is creative visual relaxation that is a type of hypnosis which helps you change your approach to food and eating.

Medical Weight Loss Diagnosis

At our weight loss center, we take a medical approach to weight loss.  At your first consultation, we will go through your medical history so we are able to put you on the right weight loss plan to suit you personally and it could be the HCG medically prescribed injections or the Lipo-Injections you receive.  We will examine your current diet along with your mental status and history and of course your current weight.

We will measure your blood pressure, make a note of your height and also check your pulse just after your initial consultation.  Our Clinicians perform the diagnoses at our St. Louis weight loss center, will take account of your age and your current level of health, and she may include an examination of your thyroid function and your heart and lungs.

Once we have all of this information you will have a physical examination which will be utilized to determine if you need additional testing to select the best weight loss plan for you.  Thyroid tests may be carried out to check if you have an over or under active thyroid.  If there is a family history of cardiac disease or if you have previously had problems then you may have to undergo an EKG.  Lastly we will test the levels of male and female hormones if necessary.

Medications and Counseling

When we have fully completed your examination we will work with you to develop your personal medical weight loss plan.  If rapid weight loss is needed then we may recommend our Fast Track Program involving the injection of prescribed injections.  Lipo injections or the use of CVR may be more appropriate for you.  Prior to prescribing any medications or injections we will go through the benefits and of course the risks associated with each type of treatment so you can make an informed choice.  Regardless of the protocol you follow we will provide regular counseling at the clinic during your weight loss and afterwards to help you maintain your new healthy weight.

We cordially invite you to understand more about our ground-breaking approach to wellness and health from the many people we've helped. Do look at our success stories and see the remarkable "Before and After" photos of some of our patients.  Call us today to learn more!  Our team is ready to help you make health changes today!  Say goodbye to frustrating yo-yo dieting and weight gain, book an appointment today by calling us at (618)-259-3321.

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