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Medically Supervised Weight Loss in St. Louis

At Medically Supervised Weight Loss in St. Louis we can help you lose one pound a day for up to 45 days, and more importantly help you keep it off.

Picture your ideal self, would you possibly weigh less?  Be more energetic?  Not have to fight chronic pain?  At Medically Supervised Weight Loss, our wellness team is here to help you take complete control of your life and health.  We have successfully helped many St. Louis patients to be successful in their weight loss battle, re-gain energy and vitality and completely transform their lives.  We are proud to share our success with you and help you to reach your health and well-being goals using our transformative approach.


In today’s high stress world we tend to treat health problems only when they have impacted negatively in our lives rather than being proactive in our approach to our health.  Waiting until we have chronic pain or weight gain is putting our health at huge risk.  A mix of bad nutrition, exhaustion, stress and pain can push the body into a downward spiral, leaving people feeling frustrated and hopeless.  At our medical weight loss center, our approach to whole body wellness is more holistic and we look at everything not just isolated problems.  With this approach we can help patients get regain their health and stay healthy for life.

Why Choose a Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program?

If you are overweight or have been diagnosed with metabolic syndrome or diabetes, you are probably familiar with the frustration that comes with unsuccessful weight loss attempts; each failure making you feel more and more like you will never reach your goal.  Stop wasting your time and energy on a one size fits all approach or fad diet.  This time do something different, choose a partner in weight loss, an expert to help you traverse the difficult path to reaching your weight loss goals.  Choose a medically supervised weight loss program.

With our medically supervised weight loss program, our medical team will work with you to assess where your current level of health is and then design a plan to assist you in reaching your goal weight.  Because you will be working with our staff specially trained in weight loss consultation and counseling, you will benefit from professional insight into your individual health concerns and have a partner in your weight loss, every step of the way.  

Our Medical Weight Loss Center Offers HCG Medically Prescribed Injections

At our weight loss center, we take the mystique out of weight loss using our program based on Dr. Simeon's protocol "Pounds & Inches!"  On our medical weight loss programs you can lose one pound a day for up to 45 days - and most importantly - keep it off.  We start by locating the underlying issues for your weight gain.  For many people exercise and healthy eating is not enough to lose and maintain weight loss.  Our cutting edge medical weight loss treatments include integrating Dr. Simeon's protocol "Pounds & Inches," HCG medically prescribed injections, lipo injections, appetite control medication and bio-identical hormone therapy.  The medically prescribed injections will turn on your body’s fat burning furnace while at the same time protecting your lean muscle mass.  HCG Medically prescribed injections are part of our fast track medical weight loss program, which helps patients lose weight and inches rapidly giving them energy than they have experienced in years.  The addition of our nutrition counseling and lifestyle advice helps patients deal with negative habits that led them to gain weight, thus helping the pounds stay off for life.

Our hormone therapy and lipo injections are not just for medical weight loss, they can help patients that suffer with fatigue, diabetes, heart disease, thyroid problems, and even help deal with PMS symptoms.  We also offer Creative Visualization Therapy which assists patients to let go and break out of negative subconscious habits, relieve stress and manage pain.

We cordially invite you to understand more about our ground-breaking approach to wellness and health from the many people we've helped. Do look at our success stories and see the remarkable "Before and After" photos of some of our patients.  Call us today to learn more!  Our team is ready to help you make health changes today!



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